Benefits of Having Website

Online Presence

More than 67 million Bangladeshi are using internet now a days. Where you are? You may be spending money to create brochure and distributing them. People don’t even look at those because those eyes are already stuck on mobile skin. May be visiting your competitor’s pages. If you have a website your potential customers can find out about you and any of your products or services online.

More customers

As I said earlier, More than 67 million Bangladeshi people use the internet today. Whatever they need they Google it first and try to find out website and have a look at the product and then go for it. Just assume yourself, if you need a piece of information about a company. What do you do? Search online!! What will someone do if they need information about your business?

Business value

One thing everybody have and you don’t. How is it sound? Website is something like that. May be the older people doesn’t care. But the young generation they do when it cost only $$$. And those young people is your future customer. They will thing if you can’t effort a website how can you afford quality product.


By having a website you will reach thousands of people. If someone search best “your product” in Bangladesh and find out you are the number one in search result. They are bound to be influenced.

Time to show off

It’s time to Show the country your work or product which is best among all of them in the market. The great feeling is when people recognize your work. Well, by having a website you can show off what you do and how it work.

Reach to business goals

May be you are doing good right now or may be worst. At any circumstance you have a plan for tomorrow. By getting a website you will be go through all the data for content. The interesting part is you will do a deep analysis about your business which may be you didn’t made for years.

Open Entrance

Are you the guy who want to start new business? Today 70% of people thing to start from online when website is so cheap. Are you the guy from the rest of 30%?

Always on Duty

Your business can open highest for 60 hours a week with a holiday. Do you know the pick hour for Bangladeshi internet users? Its 8PM to 2AM.Statistics says most of the people take their decision for next day when they prepare for sleep. They search, decide and sleep. Of Course you are close by that time. Then why don’t you get a virtual presence which will do duty for you 24 hours with a cost of taka XXX only.


50% off!! And no one on your store, Why? Just because they don’t know. Let them know though your website. You can always give those newest offers, products, promotions, events, photos, or any other content with a help of a website.


The common mistake, small business owner think marketing is for big fish. High cost marketing is may be for large company but when you can reach to 67 million people with buying a website only at taka xxx. Do you really think it’s not for you? Internet is open field where your website can catch new opportunities by using low cost marketing techniques.

Customer support

Customer have lots of thing to know before they purchase. You can pursuit your time by giving information on your website what they want to know. Website have a great feature called FAQ section where answer given for commonly asked question.

Own email

What is your email address? The combination of name, a number with Gmail or Can you tell me another similar email address of anyone you remember? Nope! Then for sure, nobody remembers your one. What if the email is like Now anyone can remember you and it represents your identity. You are not working for Gmail you are working on your own.

Hobby become business

What you love to do? How about Design, Writing, Photography, Teaching, Analyzing, Eating or anything else? Well, then you have a business idea. It’s time to come forward. Because your website can generate money for you. Get a website now from start working on it because the adverting industry is huge here and you can earn in dollar.

Say bye to Web Developer

Fold your hand and bring the thumbs up and switch its head to downward to the web developer who are asking huge money at a time to make a website for you. It just matter of Taka 490BDT which will give the most professional website which will be customize by you.